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  • ...lication of the [[UFO]] phenomenon in [[Ohio]], and the involvement of key UFO investigators Kenny Young and Jerry Black. ...isbandment, the website became a part of [ UFO Research: Cincinnati!].
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  • ...s for Scientific Knowledge]] (TASK).<ref>[ UFO Research: Cincinnati]</ref> ...nees.htm 2004 Blue Chip Awards]</ref> and the award-winning documentary "[[UFO Report]]"<ref>[
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  • | company_name = Mutual UFO Network<br>(MUFON) ...of the oldest and largest [[unidentified flying object|UFO]]-investigative organizations in the United States.
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  • ...'Mutual Anomaly Research Center and Evaluation Network''' (MARCEN) was a [[UFO]] investigation and research group founded in the 1970s by Williard F. McIn ...that MARCEN worked on appears to be the [[Laredo UFO Crash]]. Writing in "UFO Crash at Aztec", W. Steinman details MARCEN's involvement in the case:
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  • ...tified after scrutiny, while other definitions define an object as being a UFO from the time it is first reported as being unidentified, even though most private pilot [[Kenneth Arnold]] in mid 1947. Hundreds of thousands of UFO reports have since been made worldwide.
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  • | company_name = Center for UFO Studies<br>(CUFOS) ...Studies''' (CUFOS) is a privately-funded [[unidentified flying object]] ([[UFO]]) research group. It was founded in 1973 by [[J. Allen Hynek|Dr. J. Allen
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  • The UFO Investigators League (UFOIL) was a [[UFO]] group founded by Timothy Green Beckley in the early 1970s. They were a me ...'s newsletter.<ref>[ UFO Terms]</ref>
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  • # To provide a concise and accurate record of notable beliefs, organizations, experiments, individuals and events which are associated with the paranorm ;*[[Ufology]]: The study of unidentified flying object (UFO) reports, sightings, alleged physical evidence, and other related phenomena
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  • ...enomena Research Organization''' (APRO) was a [[unidentified flying object|UFO]] research group started in 1952 by [[Jim Lorenzen|Jim]] and [[Coral Lorenz, a well-known atmospheric physicist, and perhaps the leading scientific UFO researcher of his time. Another was Dr. [[James Harder]] of the [[Universit
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  • ...ark, 412</ref> NICAP advocated transparent [[scientific investigation]] of UFO sightings and was skeptical of "[[contactee]]" tales involving meetings wit ...nce, NICAP argued that there was an organized governmental [[cover up]] of UFO evidence. NICAP also pushed for governmental hearings regarding UFOs, to at
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  • | company_name = Fund for UFO Research<br>(FUFOR) ...'''Fund for UFO Research''' (FUFOR) is an [[unidentified flying object]] (UFO) research group based in [[Alexandria, Virginia|Alexandria]], [[Virginia]].
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  • was really just a PR stunt by MUFON and the skeletons of the other two organizations. founded in 1994.<ref>[ UFO Research Coalition]</ref> [[NARCAP]], [[NIDS]], and [[NUFORC]] joined the c
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  • A number of UFO groups, some with grandiose goals, were formed in 1950 and 1951 in response scientists, aeronautical engineers and interested persons established a UFO study group in California. Edward J. Sullivan, a North American Aviation em
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