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Fund for UFO Research
Founded 1979
Headquarters Alexandria, Virginia

The Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) is an unidentified flying object (UFO) research group based in Alexandria, Virginia. Founded in 1979, FUFOR states its aims as being to further the scholarly research of UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), and to secure the release of classified U.S. government documents pertaining to these. [1]

According to its own promotional material, FUFOR has provided over $700,000 in research grants since the 1980s, and has supported numerous UFO-related investigations, including investigations into the secrecy behind the MJ-12 papers and the US Air Force's Project Blue Book. [2]

Board of Directors

Current FUFOR directors include: [3]

  • Don Berliner (Chairman) - aviation and science writer
  • Thomas E. Bullard, PhD - folklorist, Indiana University
  • John B. Carlson, PhD - astronomer, Director of the University of Maryland Center for Archaeoastronomy
  • Thomas P. Deuley - electrical engineer, Lt. Cmdr - US Navy (retired), former NSA engineer
  • Barry H. Downing, PhD - theologist
  • David Gotlieb, MD - child psychologist
  • Richard F. Haines, PhD - physiological psychologist, former head of the NASA Ames Research Center Human Factors Office
  • Richard H. Hall - writer; UFO historian and researcher
  • Robert Hall, PhD - Director of the University of Illinois Office of Social Science Research (Retired)
  • Richard C. Henry, PhD - astrophysicist, research physicist at Johns Hopkins University, former Deputy Director of NASA's Department of Astrophysics
  • Bruce Maccabee, PhD - research physicist to the Naval Surface Weapons Center
  • Rob Swiatek (Secretary-Treasurer) - physicist, physics patent examiner, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Robert M. Wood, PhD - McDonnell Douglas Aerospace physicist (retired)


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